What is Business Text Messaging For Local Businesses in 2019

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Short and relevant text messages can help business owners to take their businesses to the next level. Regular interaction with customers via business text messaging makes the life of small and medium-sized businesses easier.

Instead of searching for a customer's phone number and waiting for a suitable time for a call, mobile apps can send a reminder, notification, invitation or information on special offers with just one click. Whether it's through SMS, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp, your text will reach the respondent immediately.

Business Texting & Mobile Messengers for Local Businesses

Mobile communication through messengers or mobile apps has become a leader of online activities. And the number of users is continuing to grow, in March 2019, WhatsApp had over 70 million global downloads from the Google Play Store.

Three out of ten messenger users reported that they use only one messaging service. For businesses, it means that it is necessary for them to research, which online channel their customers prefer. Accurate analysis of online and mobile platforms will show which one is best for maintaining customer relations.

Text Messaging Services for Business

Business texting brings additional value to small business customers. They will receive reminders about classes, invitations to technical checks at auto dealerships and special offers from insurance companies in the form of short text messages.

Eight Ways to Use Texting for Local Businesses

  1. Remind visitors about appointments.
  2. Provide after-sales support.
  3. Use for upselling.
  4. Send and receive photos to approve details.
  5. Allow customers to answer at a suitable time.
  6. Send links to invoices.
  7. Invite consumers to leave a review.
  8. Wish customers a happy birthday.

1. Remind Visitors About Appointments

By sending text messages through messengers or SMS you will kindly remind your customers about the time, date and location of their visits, reducing the number of no shows. You will avoid unnecessary costs for downtime and optimize your schedule.

— Hello Jane! Just a reminder of your hot yoga class with Ava C. on Wed. 8.7. at 6 pm at Magenta Fitness (410 NE Barry Rd).

2. Provide After-Sales Support

Don't leave your customer to struggle alone with new equipment, furniture, household appliances or the registration of real estate that they bought with your agency. Text them how to put the new item together or clarify the details of the real estate deal, or just make an appointment for a warranty repair in a short text message.

— Hello John! Thank you for your purchase and feel free to text me if you have any questions.

3. Use for Upselling

Use business texting to inform customers of more comprehensive versions of their current insurance policies and additional services. Send special offers and invite them to promotional events.

— Hello Molly! As ski season starts soon, purchase an additional insurance package for the coming winter vacations.

4. Send and Receive Photos to Approve Details

Auto repair shops can quickly assess the damage and work out an approximate time to visit by analyzing pictures of the damage taken by the customer on their mobile phone. Sellers may send pictures to confirm the color or size of a desired item before the customer's in-store visit.

— Hello Rebeca. Send us pictures of your car's damage. We can work out a time for you to visit and check the available details.

5. Allow Customer to Answer at a Suitable Time

You don't need to disturb consumers with a call during a work meeting or bathing their baby to tell them about a special offer or new arrivals. They will get your text messages and read them at a suitable time for them.

6. Send Links to Invoices

You can send a link to an invoice to your customer to make the payment process more comfortable. It may also speed-up the payment process and accelerate the deal.

7. Invite Consumers to Leave a Review

Thank consumers for their purchase and send them a short link to a review form. Positive reviews improve your position in Google search results and convince potential customers to visit.

Text customers to receive feedback and show them how valuable their opinions are.

— Hello Max! Thank you for using our plumbing service. We would really appreciate it if you would follow this link and leave a short review about us.

8. Wish Customers a Happy Birthday

Show your knowledge of your customers and send them a short message wishing them good luck on their birthday.

— Hello Rudi! Best wishes from Magenta Fitness on your birthday! We look forward to seeing you at our classes.

Local Business Customer Support Through a Messenger

Large businesses use bulk SMS messages and mass texts as a form of one-way communication with customers. They share information about discounts and specials. They send reminders about appointments and inform customers about changes to working hours. For small and medium-sized enterprises business texting means creating a dialogue with customers. Local business owners can quickly clarify any claim issue, ask for feedback or invite customers to local events.

Launch Your Texting Customer Support

  1. Create a list of customers.
  2. Integrate the most suitable messenger.
  3. Make team members contact persons.

1. Create a List of Customers

Use contacts lists to find out which messengers or communication platforms customers prefer. Use Google forms to develop a short and easy opinion survey.

2. Integrate the Most Suitable Messenger

Integrate Google's Click-to-Message, Google My Business Messaging, a link to your Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Widget on your website. Use Apple Maps, Instagram, or Google Maps to exchange messages with your clients. You need to cover every channel that your customer could potentially use.

3. Make Team Members to Contact Persons

Invite members of your team to become contact persons for your customers. They will take care of the clients and fix their problems.

The Chosen app integrates all popular online messengers. It makes the tool more user-friendly and helps local businesses to build more personalized communication.

  • Via the Chosen app, customers can choose their preferred messenger to communicate through.

  • The Chosen interface makes messages, dialogues and communication history available to each member that's granted access. It helps avoid the issue of missed or forgotten messages if one of the employees takes a sick day or goes on a vacation.

  • Chosen provides statistics and reports about the reaction time for each employee and allows them to make notes and to create templates.

Close more deals with quick and easy customer interaction!

Advantages of Business Texting for Local Businesses

The integration of business texting into the operation of existing businesses brings three advantages.

Business Texting Features

  • High speed
  • Direct contact
  • General overview

High Speed

Business texting apps guarantee instant contact with customers. It doesn't take much time to create a short message and share it via the preferred messenger. Business owners can even create templates for most general situations. Customers can read and answer the messages at a more suitable time for them.

Direct Contact

Business texting allows businesses to directly reach customers with relevant information. If there are any difficulties, the business can contact the person in trouble and help with fixing the problem.

General Overview

Business texting services usually offer pivot reports about incoming and outgoing texts, and customers.

General Overview

Business texting services usually offer pivot reports about incoming and outgoing texts, and customers.

Texting Boom

Statistics show that Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp are among the most popular online messengers in the United States. The trend is continuing upwards.
statistic leading mobile messengers in the us 2019 by users
Source: Verto Analytics
  • Cell phones have reached total market penetration in the United States.
  • Eight out of ten Americans use SMS to communicate.
  • Eight out of ten Americans open all of the SMS messages they receive.
  • On average, people read nine out of ten text messages they get.
This means that text messaging is able to effectively target every age group. Statistics show that people aged 30 to 44 years and 18 to 29 years prefer texting. While people over 65 prefer to communicate more frequently over the phone.
statistic us mobile communication channelpreference 2017 by age group
Source: Morning Consult
Also, SMS marketing and text messaging are the best solutions for customers with telephobia.
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