gather feedback

Capture feedback in real-time

Feedback brings you insight and power. Timely feedback from happy customers is valuable, zero-cost advertising. Do you use it?
Gather Feedback

Harness the potential of feedback. Get chosen

Use the power of communication
Use the power of communication
Listen to your clients and make them happy. Let each satisfied customer become a brand advocate and help you find new clients.
Show that you care
Show that you care
React to reviews as soon as you get them to show your customers that they're valued.
Motivate your team
Motivate your team
Gauge how quickly your team is responding to messages and help them boost their performance — or let the stats be open to everybody to help improve team results through gamification.
Every customer that had bought from you possesses valuable information that can be used as a guide for improving your service. More than that, it can be a source of new ideas and product features to bring out for discussion.

Catch problems before they happen

Read all of your customers' feedback in one place, gain insights, and never miss a thing.
Reputation Management
reputation management

Control negative reviews

Find out about and respond to negative feedback as soon as it's posted so you can put out any fires and help out customers that had a bad experience.
team motivation

Create a healthy competitive environment

Set trackable goals that encourage your employees to succeed and see your sales grow.
Team Motivation​

Other Features

Timely alerts about new questions, reviews or feedback from all platforms.
Ease of use
A simple interface that you'll quickly get the hang of.
Insights, backed by statistics, designed to help you follow your goals.
Locations coordination
Manage all your locations in one place and streamline customer question response.

Turn feedback into a source of power

You have a whole bunch of business insights right at your fingertips. You just need to use them.