Chosen: An Online Review and Messaging Tool for Local Business

by Tim Tursunoff
co-founder of Chosen
Meet Chosen — the marketing tool for local business owners.

The Chosen app helps owners of local offline SMBs (small and medium businesses) streamline online communication with clients and, in part, get more genuine reviews — and thus generate more revenue.

How? Chosen unites a business' social networks, review platforms and simple text messaging on a single dashboard. This integration lets users:
  • Communicate with clients in a streamlined manner through a single dashboard, no matter how the customer came across the product (whether on Facebook, Instagram or even SMS).
  • Keep a record of their entire interaction history and easily assign conversations to the right person (if your employees work shifts).
  • Track the real stats of customer engagement (say, see the number of unanswered reviews and speed of responses). The data is useful since all the channels of communication are streamlined.
  • Create an all-in-one review link. By clicking on it, the customer can leave a review on the chosen review platform right away (by default, this feature is available only for Google My Business
Chosen also offers location coordination, auto-responses, templates and other features — check it out at:

What makes Chosen special?

Simplicity. The app supports a limited number of platforms and offers only those functions that are relevant for SMBs. In part, this selection let us keep the pricing attractive. What else is needed for an on-the-corner dentistry or auto dealer, huh?

Chosen has also started a blog with tips & insights on:

  • How to configure and manage Facebook, Google and Yelp for business.
  • How to make the most of customer feedback for business growth.
  • Generally, how to get more with the same effort (an even save time!).

Our articles are for everyone; our readers are not only Chosen app users but also business owners who need to communicate online.
Last, but not least
My partner and I were both once these very same local business owners, so we're familiar with all of the challenges SMBs face on a daily basis. We know how important (and demanding) challenges like mapping the location on Google, organizing client interaction, mining reviews, feedback, etc. are. We remember the precious time we could have dedicated to actual development got spent stuck on re-configuring social networks after an employee suddenly left; I wish we had this tool then. Well, we know what matters and that's why we created Chosen — and I'm so pleased to announce it.

So, follow Chosen, and watch out for our updates!

Tim Tursunoff,
co-founder of Chosen

Originally published Aug 9, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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