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The latest statistics show that 9 out of 10 organic search visits in the United States came from Google, confirming the engine's leadership in directing people to your trade.

There is still no ultimate Guide to Google My Business for owners of small businesses, but you can find a lot of tips and tricks on the net. Here we have collected some useful advice on how to get your business on Google Maps.

If you intend to use the search engine to promote your small business, make sure that consumers can find it on Google Maps.

How to Add a Business to Google Maps on a Desktop

Open Google Maps on your computer and use one of the three options to start claiming your business. All three are easy to use, so it is up to you how to do it.

Three Ways to Add a Business to Google Maps

  1. Using the Google search line
  2. Setting a pin
  3. Using the "Menu"

1. Using the Google search line

Enter your business's address into the Google Maps search line and click "Add your business":
adress to search add address

2. Using Pins

Right-click on the location of your business on Google Maps to create a pop-up window with the address. Then double-click on the address in the box that will appear:
Then click "Add your business":
add your business 2

3. Using the "Menu"

Click "Menu" in the left corner of the Google Maps search line:
add business menu google map
Then click "Add your business":
add your business on Google Map
A new window with a request to enter the name of your business will appear.
what is the name of your business
Enter the name of the business you would like to add to Google Maps
Start typing the name to check if the business is already listed, i.e. has it already been claimed in Google My Business.

Create a new business to register, and verify your company via your Google My Business account. We have already prepared a detailed manual on How to claim a business on Google for you.

How to Add Your Business to Google Maps from a Mobile Device

You can even add your business to Google Maps from your mobile device.

Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device:
google maps app
Open the business information panel, then scroll down and tap "Add a missing place":
add a missing place google maps
Close more deals with quick and easy customer interaction!

How to Optimize your Business for Google

When claiming your business on Google remember the 3 Rs — relevance, remoteness and reputation — these determine your business's placement in the Google search results.

The 3 Rs When Optimizing a Business on Google

  1. Relevance
  2. Remoteness
  3. Reputation

poor profile
Poor business profile: doesn't help to find the working hours or the venue
good profile
Good business profile: basic information and even a list of upcoming events


Complete the business information with all possible details. Add an additional description of your business, including SEO keywords. Specify the phone number and website, add opening hours and payment methods. Mark several categories that are related to your business (you can choose up to 5 of them).

It matters and may play a crucial role in attracting new customers.


Google algorithms mainly show businesses near the user's location. However, good pictures of your store, goods, and interior may encourage potential customers to visit you despite a longer journey.


Your business's reputation will essentially help potential clients make a decision about dealing with your business. Positive consumer reviews and a high star ranking will demonstrate your good reputation and verify your reliability to potential customers.

Responding to customer reviews may shape your online reputation and can help in case of problems. You can even delete negative Google reviews if you can prove their irrelevance or that they are fake.

Google Local Guides – Who Are They?

In 2015, Google decided to collaborate with local experts more intensively and launched the Google Local Guides program. The search engine invites local people to check, add and edit places, as well as share photos. Google Local Guides answer questions and leave reviews about local businesses on Google Maps.

Once your business is listed on Google, think about how you can optimize it. Your business profile should encourage local experts to visit your place and write a good review.

There is no official manual on Google Local Guides, but you can analyze the places they observe in your industry and make your business more attractive for them. You can take professional photos of your place, provide extensive information about your business hours, clarify your address and give other relevant information.

Google Local Guides receive points and badges for their reviews, so they are also interested in finding new businesses to check out.

FAQ: Adding a Business to Google Maps

Why is my business not showing up on Google Maps?

Claiming and verifying your business on Google My Business will guarantee your company's listing on Google Maps. Check whether your business has the status of "published" in Google My Business.

Sign in to your Google account and click "Manage location." If you don't find your business on the list, you need to claim and verify it.

How to put a business on Google Maps?

The pin with your address on Google Maps appears the moment you enter your business address when claiming your business.

How to change the business address on Google Maps?

Via Google My Business. Edit your business address and confirm the changes.

Is it free to add a business on Google Maps?

Yes, it is completely free.

How do I add a Google Maps icon to my business?

Icons are generated by an algorithm. Tourist and public type locations such as parks, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, shops, hospitals and schools get an icon by default.
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