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A review is a form of feedback from your customers left on your website or specific platforms. Online reviews can have a great impact on your business, they can reinforce the reputation of your brand, increase the credibility of your company and influence your search engine ranking.

How to Ask for Reviews?

  • Do it at the right time, when your client is positive and not foaming at the mouth, waiting for an apology for bad service.
  • Don't manipulate your customers with freebies.
  • Ask open-ended questions: ones that require detailed answers.
  • Customers may refuse to leave a review. Accept your customers' right to say "No", and keep calm and positive.

When to Ask for Reviews?

The best time to ask for reviews is when your customer is happy. If they seem negative towards your business, do your best to change their mood. Also, if you can't understand their current feelings, ask open-ended questions to understand them better.

When a Customer Is Happy

If your customer service is of a high level, there is a good chance that your customers will leave positive reviews of your business. The best option is to ask them face to face, striking while the iron is hot.
— Keith, thanks for the visit! Сould you please rate us? It will only take a few minutes to leave your review but it will be quite helpful for us and our future clients.

— Sally, glad to see you! We know that you have training sessions with Eva. If you like them, would you mind leaving us a review on Yelp, please? It would be of great value to "Health & Beauty", and for Eva personally. Thank you so much!

When a Customer Seems Negative

It may happen that the quality of your items or services are not good enough for some clients. In such situations, we need to show the client their importance and our understanding of their problem.
— Rachel, I am sincerely sorry that your braces hook fell off. I've spoken with Dr. Turner about this incident, and he is ready to make an urgent appointment with you tomorrow, at 9:30 AM, half an hour before the clinic opens. It was totally our fault, and we will do our best to correct this mistake. If you don't mind, please leave us a review using the link below.

— Hi, James

It's Daisie from "Dwelling for life". I was told that you saw rats in the basement. That's crazy! We checked the house before letting it, and everything was okay. We are as shocked as you are, and tomorrow will send an extermination service free of charge to you. We are terribly sorry for this incident and hope that you will give us a second chance to make things right.

When It Is Unclear Whether a Customer Liked the Service

Sometimes your customers can be hard to read, and you don't understand whether or not they liked your services.

In this case, try to get feedback before asking them to leave a review. Ask them open-ended questions ( ones you can't just answer 'yes' or 'no'), so you can get a clearer picture:

  • How would you rate our communication with customers?
  • What might have improved your experience with us?
  • Why did you choose to purchase from us?
  • Are there any products or services you wish we had?
  • What do you like most about our company?
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about your experience?

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Who Do I Ask to Leave a Review?

  • New clients
  • Loyal clients
  • Former clients

New Clients

New clients are the ones that have used your service just one or two times. Your goal is not to lose them, so ask for feedback to understand their wishes and suggestions. Firstly, you need to understand what you want to review: the whole business, or a product or service. If you want to get feedback about a product, send a short review email that has an option to share feedback.
— Dear Joshua,

Thanks for using the "Cars of North" auto shop service. We'd love to know how everything worked out for you. Don't be shy to click on the link below to share your comments.
If your company is new or doesn't offer an extensive list of services and goods yet, it is better to ask the client to review the company as a whole.
— Hi Margaret,

Thank you for using the "Health & Beauty" wellness center. To ensure that you received the best services from us, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out our feedback form. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at "Health & Beauty" again!

Loyal Clients

Your current clients are the ones who constantly use your services. Don't hesitate to ask them to leave a review with an explanation of a few of the benefits your business has for them personally.

What you might say to a loyal client:
— Kate, I'm so happy to see you again! I know you've been a customer with us for a while, would you mind if I asked you something? Can you please leave us a review on Facebook (Google, Yelp)? It will only take 5 mins of your time but it will be extremely helpful for my company in its development. Thank you in advance.

Former Clients

Not all businesses have an opportunity to talk to the same clients every day. If you run a dental clinic, for example, you may not meet the same client for years!

But if you are "hunting" for reviews, don't neglect your former clients, find them in your base and ask to review your business:
— Hi Sally,

We wanted to check in to see how you are feeling after getting your tooth implants. If you have a moment, it would be great if you could share your experience with us and our current clients. Get started below by filling out a review form.

Why Honest Reviews are Important

  • They increase conversion rates and sales.
  • They work as free advertisement.
  • They help SEO.
  • They are sources of feedback.

According to statistics, 63% of Americans prefer making a purchase if the website has reviews. Nowadays, users can quickly scan different businesses by checking their reviews and recommendations, and choose the most appropriate service. Also, reviews are similar to word of mouth marketing, with almost 90% of users trusting online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations.

Reviews influence your SEO. Each new product review means that more unique content appears on your site. This will help you to gain credibility, relevance and to improve search engine rankings. Also, reviews are a great source of feedback from your clients. For more info, you can follow the hyperlink.

How to Adjust the Review System

  • Determine the priority websites, services and/or locations.
  • Ask permission to publish the email feedback already sent to you.
  • Prepare templates.
  • Assign a responsible person or set alarms.
  • Reply to the reviews.
  • Check the reviews once in a while.

Identify your most important sites and services, what condition they are in and if you need to strengthen your review gathering there (but don't forget about the other sites where you are also represented). By default, reviews are important wherever you are represented, but it's better to start with your priorities.

Prepare templates for your customers to leave feedback. If you already have the reviews you want to post, ask the customers for permission to do it.

Think about the process of posting reviews. Think about where, when and choose a responsible person to look after this. Check and answer the reviews regularly, setting an alarm every day at a certain time may help.

Analyze your reviews once in a while. Look through your reviews and make conclusions that will help you to improve. Improve your level of service, it is one of the main reasons for positive feedback and, as a result, the reason for positive real reviews.
Originally published Aug 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM

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