How Local Businesses Can Get Reviews on Facebook in 2019

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by Joanne Wayne
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Would it surprise you if we told you that Facebook is the most popular social network in the world? With over 1.6 billion active users, it has become a source with a huge impact and it is not only being used for messaging and sharing pictures with friends, but also for developing small businesses.

What is a Facebook Review?

Facebook Reviews is a tab on the Facebook Business page that allows users to review your business. They can give stars to your business and also add text. In August 2018 Facebook Reviews changed to Facebook Recommendations, where users can recommend or not recommend places, as well as attach text and post photos.

How to Get Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

  • Develop a process.
  • Turn on recommendations in the Recommendations tab.
  • Put up a "Recommend us on Facebook" sign at your place.
  • Prepare templates.
  • Don't hesitate to ask.

Let's focus on our step-by-step plan on how to get reviews on your Facebook business page which might seem a little complicated:

Develop a Process

Create your to-do plan, choose which channels you will use to ask for reviews. Will you send an SMS or an email? Will you do it immediately after the client's visit or later (if so, after how many days)? Who will be responsible for this? When (at what time and on what days) will you check the page? Answer these questions for yourself and develop a plan.

Turn on Recommendations in the Recommendations Tab

How to add the recommendations tab on Facebook
How to add the recommendations tab on Facebook

Put up a "Recommend Us on Facebook" Sign at Your Place

This is an optional task but it can bring you more reviews, so why not do it?

Prepare Templates

It's necessary to reply to the reviews. So, creating several templates for every possible situation (positive/negative reviews) would be helpful to save time in the future.

Here we can seek help from Chosen. One of its functions is to save templates, so you can use them any time, for example:
– I thought that after bearing two babies I would never get back in shape but Sarah has changed my mind! When we just started, it was impossible for me. But here we are, two months later and 15 pounds less. I'm sooo grateful! Love you, Sarah, You're the best. – Claire Quinn.
– Dear Claire, thanks for your review! Your comment has been given to Sarah, she was really pleased. We are glad to hear that you are successfully on your way to being fit and healthy, and wish you to achieve even better results. Keep it up! – Harley, manager of "Fitness & Beauty".

Prompt Your Customers

The simplest way to get more reviews on Facebook is just to ask your customers. Don't be afraid to do so, but find the appropriate time. It isn't a good idea to ask your customers to leave a review if they were not satisfied with your service (this can happen, we are not perfect). But if the customer is happy, they might want to comment on your business.
A polite request to leave a review on Chosen
A polite request to leave a review on Chosen
Imagine yourself in your customers' shoes. Would you refuse to review a business if you were asked politely? Especially, if you get a notification right after you received their service. Chosen sends an immediate request to review your business and it doesn't need to be installed on your customers' devices.

The user just chooses the "recommend/not recommend" option and leaves a comment that goes to your page, if positive, or to your CRM if it is negative. For less than the price of fake reviews, you can start collecting real customer feedback, so don't be tempted by them.
Offering Freebies: Yes or No?
Facebook doesn't punish business owners for offering freebies yet but many other platforms do. It's seen as more of a manipulation rather than something sincere, so we don't recommend you to do that.
Close more deals with quick and easy customer interaction!

Why Facebook Reviews Work

People trust online reviews. For sure, they don't read every single review (if you're lucky to have lots of them) but they look at your overall rating, through several reviews and get an idea whether to use your services or not.

When Facebook users need something, they are likely to create a post and ask for recommendations. Who wouldn't listen to a friend's recommendation, huh?

If your Facebook business page is lively, you have a bunch of reviews and it is easy for customers to contact you, you will be recommended. But if your page seems deserted, there are only 2-3 reviews from years ago and you aren't active, we have some bad news for you. Although it's never too late to change.

The Interface of Facebook Recommendations

The pop-up window when customers want to leave a review
The pop-up window when customers want to leave a review
This is what your customers see when they want to leave you a review. No matter what they choose, yes or no, they will share their experience in a new pop-up window and leave a message.

Customer interaction is a must, not only offline but also online too. If your clients come mostly from Facebook recommendations, then you, as a business owner, need to make an effort and remain on a good level, so they stay with you and don't choose your competitor.
Methods of Dealing with Bad Recommendations
Sometimes you can get reviews that are not suitable for your page. It might be spam, fake reviews, ads for other companies or something inappropriate. If that happens, there are ways to remove reviews: particular ones or the whole section. You can complain to the Facebook support team about a particular review or delete the whole section.

Do Fake Reviews Help Your Business?

Spoiler: No. Don't buy Facebook reviews.

In the beginning, fake reviews might seem like a valid solution for not yet popular businesses. Although fake reviews may seem great, they can improve your statistics on Facebook (the more good reviews you have – the better), they still don't beat real customer reviews.

Fake reviews are usually worthless and poor:
Great products and very friendly service!

Liked everything, thanks to the helpful staff!

I'm sure to use your services again.

Looks suspicious, doesn't it? Also, if you click on the profile of the person who left such a review, the profile will seem to be a fake one (or a bot) without any posts or photos.

Basically, you will never get high-quality fake reviews, so don't waste your money on a blind bargain.

One real customer review is worth more than ten fake ones, see yourself:
Real review from a customer
Real review from a customer
This review is not fake and it's quite easy to notice it. The customer talks not only about their emotions but also, about facts that will be helpful for other clients. They describe the procedures they got in the clinic, the doctor's behavior, the prices and thank the personnel of the clinic by name. Would a fake reviewer know the names of the personnel? I doubt it.

The main thing is to start and build the process, and your business will have a bright future and plenty of reviews.
Originally published Aug 1, 2019 10:00:00 AM, updated Aug 9 2019

Image: Thomas Angermann
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